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We stand for a positive impact framework of beauty and luxury. We celebrate the simple, precious offerings of our natural world and believe that environmental responsibility and human thoughtfulness are essential in the creation of something truly beautiful.

Our creative approach is a careful balance of ethics and aesthetics. The La-Eva skincare capsule range is ocean friendly, vegan and organic. Our products come presented in amber glass apothecary bottles and all our packaging is made or sourced using the most sustainable materials we can lay our hands on. We deeply believe in circular patterns of reusing and refilling, over and above recycling. Every year, 120 billion units of packaging are produced by the global cosmetics industry (Zero Waste, 2019), establishing it as one of the worst perpetrators of marine plastic pollution. The LCA Centre has suggested that refilling a bottle instead of using a completely new product saves a minimum of 70% on CO2, 65% on energy and 45% on water.

Our customers can refill LA-EVA bottles at home and enjoy the gentle scents and cleansing rituals time and time again at more than 50% off. A 5 litre LA-EVA refill is the equivalent of 10 x 500ml bottles and 25 x 200ml bottles. This means refilling a 200ml bottle costs £6 and a 500ml bottle costs £15.

Our suggested refill process
We suggest that used bottles are washed in the dishwasher to clean any residue out thoroughly. Our labels are robust and usually come out looking as good as new. On rare occasions when there is an existing blemish, labels can deteriorate in the wash; if this happens we will replace the label with a new one. The easiest way to estimate the fill of the bottle is to aim for the 'shoulder' of the bottle; filling above that is likely to mean that bottles will be overfilled, and replacing the dispenser may cause the product to spill out.
It is a good idea to place a little dish under the dispenser as it can drip slightly following refilling.

A note on our containers
Our 5Ltr containers are made from light HDPE. HDPE is the most largely recycled plastic in the UK and in most countries in the world, so the empty, rinsed jerry cans can be put in the usual recycling bin when finished. 


Beyond the bottle

All our ideas and creations are born within our studio, and our workshop creates the handmade products of our range including salts, oils and gifting. Our more complex liquid products are made on a farm in the UK, allowing for safety and scaleability. We are currently setting roots in Portugal, on the outskirts of Lisbon, in order to be able to respond to the needs of our EU customers more seamlessly.

In recent times we have been joined by Katherine Maunder, founder of Thread Tales and sustainability consultant, and are expanding our ethical, creative thinking beyond the realm of our bottles. In developing the first La-Eva textile offerings, we have set our intentions to work with luxurious indigenous materials, carefully chosen for their beautiful, tactile and textural properties, mindfully balanced with the environmental impact of the material. We are now collaborating with artisan workshops in Myanmar and India that creating sustainable jobs based on a vocation and skill, in which the workers are valued, have good working conditioners, are paid well, and are recognised for their work.