For the love of goats and swimmers: La-Eva x Meinke Flesseman

Our latest, vibrant, special edition of products, created in collaboration with Dutch-Portuguese artist Meinke Flesseman, is inspired by a shared deep belief in the impact of simplicity and Nature on wellbeing.

Meinke was brought up in the Algarve and then lived and travelled around the world. She studied fine Art at the Lorenzo di Medici academy, in Moscow, and in the Ruud Wackers academy in Amsterdam. Meinke is greatly influenced by her natural surroundings and our relationship with the land, people and animals. Her work is layered, textured and colourful, her sweeping brushstrokes taking the viewer on an emotional and sensorial journey.

New frocks are now being worn by our amber glass bottles. 

The La-Eva x Meinke Flesseman Rosēum wash and lotion pair features Luisa and Pedro, from Meinke's extensive and distinctive series of goat paintings. “The goats bring me good memories and good feelings, so they are a recurring element in my work. It represents a longing for simplicity and wellbeing, which I associate them with. They all look similar, but they have their own personalities, cheekiness, independence and ways of being”.


Blū has been reimagined and enveloped with a painting from Meinke's equally prominent body of work Summer Series."I create the water paintings to capture joy and simplicity. They are about being immersed in water, in Nature. Carefree for a moment in time”. 



The first outing of the La-Eva x Meinke Flesseman came at an inspirational collective exhibition hosted by Galeria Meinke Flesseman at number 126 on Rua Infante Dom Henrique in Portimão. Celebrating the first anniversary since this incredible space opened doors the exhibition features works by some of Portugal’s most exciting artists including Vanessa Barragao, Ines Barracha , Ligia Fernandes  @alfredodasilva and Tom Leamon.

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