We look to the arts for inspiration on beauty. 

We collaborate with artists and makers who lend their essence, ethos and aesthetic to our units of wellbeing.

Rose-Marie Caldecott - fine artist

Rose-Marie Caldecott grew up in Oxfordshire, receiving her Fine Art degree from Falmouth University in 2014, and is currently based in Ashburton, Devon in the UK.

‘I create symbolic and semi-abstract landscape paintings. My artwork conceptually explores the dynamic, transient experience of being alive. I’m interested by the human longing for stability and permanence in the face of a fluctuating reality. My painting process itself explores these ideas, combining fluid and controlled layers of paint, as well as the visual symbols I draw upon.

My recent work depict points of light within dark spaces, trees communicating below and above ground through channels of light- the hidden networks that connect all things, seen and unseen. I have been painting the experience of grief, the threshold between life and death, hope and despair.’

Our contemporary apothecary glass bottles are adorned with Rosie's ethereal paint textures, small sections of larger paintings, nodding to the idea that beauty is often found in the detail of life. They have been carefully selected to capture the scent and sentiment of each La-Eva product.

Our gift boxes feature Rose-Marie's "Celestial Bodies" series. The series contemplates "how one might exist in the in-between spaces, on the fine line between order and chaos, knowledge and mystery - this moment and the next."

"We do not exist in a static universe but a beautiful complex one and dynamic one. We seek balance in a fluctuating existence. To soften the edges of our frames and be at peace with the unknown that lies beyond them".

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Izzy Williamson - print maker

Izzy Williamson is a York-based printmaker specialising in linocut. Deeply rooted in the natural world, her work uses playful animism to explore themes in folklore, dreams, myth and everyday joys. Since graduating from Leeds Arts University in 2015, Izzy has produced work for interiors, branding, packaging and book illustration.

Our distinctive held pomegranate logo, and many of the figurative artworks that feature within La-Eva are created by Izzy, whose bohemian style and use of rich, bold colours we have loved from the outset. Izzy's imagination and aesthetic captures our connection to Nature and expresses unique, whimsical narratives that celebrate simplicity and joy in the every day.

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Nathalie Moisy - Fine Artist

Nathalie Moisy is a French artist living in Oxfordshire, whose works come as a contemporary fusion of Western and Japanese aesthetic principles. Layered with meaning, metaphors and visual cues, her work explores recurrent themes including Nature, Landscapes and the power and intricacy of human relationships.

During the pandemic we came together with Nathalie, whose work we have exhibited at the La-Eva studio on several occasions, to create a unique limited edition range: a bright, emotive new intepretation of our capsule range, its' signature scents and the sentiments bottled within. Referencing Schubert, the Japanese cherry blossom season, Camus and ocean pollution, this unique edition embodies an integrative approach to beauty and wellbeing, bringing together the arts and philosophy to the sinkside and daily rituals of self-care.

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Meinke Flesseman - fine artist 

Meinke Flesseman was brought up in the Algarve and then lived and travelled around the world. She studied fine Art at the Lorenzo di Medici academy, in Moscow, and in the Ruud Wackers academy in Amsterdam. Meinke is greatly influenced by her natural surroundings and our relationship with the land, people and animals. Her work is layered, textured and captures a unique depth and intensity of colour. Her sweeping and confident brushstrokes take the viewer on an emotional journey.

In December 2023 we came together to create a special limited set of products featuring a set of Meinke's Goats and her Water Series paintings.

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Emma Cassi - Multidisciplinary artist 

Emma Cassi is a French multidisciplinary artist living in Madrid whose work spans jewellery design, fibre art, embroidery, weaving and natural dyeing. Drawing on a deep love of nature, Emma creates pieces inspired by herbalism, foraging, gardening and essential oils, sewn together with a love for delicate silk fabrics and vintage haberdashery. 

In 2021 we exhibited Emma's work at the La-Eva studio and borrowed sections of her Herbarium series to adorn our gifting range. More recently, we have began a calligraphy collaboration with Emma which continues to evolve and we shall be sharing in the time ahead.

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