Our Artist Collaborations

We are inspired by beauty with depth and meaning. We collaborate with artists and makers who lend their essence, ethos and aesthetic to our units of wellbeing, bringing to life the idea that beauty and can be found in everyday objects of use and simple moments of self care.



Our contemporary apothecary glass bottles are adorned with paint textures by fine artist Rose-Marie Caldecott. The featured textures are small sections of Rosie’s work, chosen to depict the essence of each LA-EVA scent. 

In her studio, a stone's throw away from our own, Rosie creates paintings that contemplate how nature can simultaneously embody both flux and order, fragility and resilience. In Rosie's words:

I am seeking moments of balance between that which I can control and that which I can not. Through the process of painting, I am trying to better understand how one might exist in the in-between spaces, on the fine line between order and chaos, knowledge and mystery - this moment and the next.

Visit rose-mariecaldecott.co.uk  to find out more about Rosie's work.

Our journal piece 'Artist in Residence - Meet Rose-Marie Caldecott' reveals more about this budding artist and the inspiration behind our collaboration.





IZZY WILLIAMSON - print maker


The LA-EVA logo, a held pomegranate by Yorkshire-based print maker Izzy Williamson, whose bohemian, figurative style and love of rich, bold colours we simply love. A ‘maker’s mark’ laden with symbolism across cultures and centuries: the simple pomegranate, its ripe crimson seeds representing abundance, spirituality and sensuality.

Izzy's work draws on our connection to the natural world, expressing unique, whimsical narratives that are inspired by folklore and mythology as well as the small joys of every day.

To view more of Izzy's work or get in contact with her visit her on instagram @izzywilliamsonprint.




NATHALIE MOISY - fine artist 

Nathalie Moisy is an interdisciplinary art activist whose works come as a contemporary fusion of Western and Japanese aesthetic principles. Layered with meaning, metaphors and visual cues, her work explores recurrent themes including Nature, Landscapes and the power and intricacy of human relationships.

We have borrowed sections of Nathalie's work to adorn our gifting range. Our capsule boxes display textures from her series (displayed at the LA-EVA studio as part of our Immersed installation (Spring 19)  Is the Sea Really Blue. 

To find out more about Nathalie's work and upcoming exhibitions, or to contact her directly please visit nathaliem.com .