sensorial cosmetics and wellbeing products

Of the Earth . Evocative . Universal .

we live life through our senses

We create products inspired by organic beauty, a love of art and the alignment of luxury with simplicity.

Sensorial units of wellbeing created from fine ingredients, blended to treat body & mind as one.

“There is no greater opportunity for appreciating beauty than through its use in our daily lives.”

The Beauty of Everyday Things - Soetsu Yanagi (1889-1961)

Seasonal Rituals

nourishment and glow, head to toe

Discover Jasmīna Oil-Sérum

Seasonal Rituals

the art of bathing

unwinding soaks to leave us warm, soft and indulged

for the bath

* NEW IN *

spīce & rosēum halos

Treats for The Hair

" If wellbeing came in a bottle what would it look like? Probably a lot like La-Eva...."


“La-Eva has developed into something that lifts the body and soul”


for gifting

a thoughtful collection of gifts to enrich rituals of wellbeing

explore gifts

less waste, more beauty

circular patterns of reusing bottles for sustainable rituals of selfcare

Reuse & Refill

special editions

alternative perspectives

We collaborate in producing artful limited editions of products, reimagining scents and sentiments. Embracing fresh perspectives and transformation.

Current collaborations

Beyond the Bottle

layers of beauty

Inspired by the concept of synaesthesia, our treatments are sensorial journeys that bring together
the best of classic bodywork techniques with artful flow, fragrance and music.

sensorial treatment experiences

La-Eva in Spa

"La-Eva is the epitome of a sustainable British wellness brand and we are delighted to have them as a partner in Claridge’s Spa. Their sensorial products and one-of-a-kind healing rituals offer our guests something completely unique to their wellness journey."

Hattie David-Wilkinson - Director of Spa, Claridge's

the poignancy of the pomegranate

Laden with symbolism across cultures and centuries, the ripe crimson seeds of the pomegranate historically represent abundance, spirituality and sensuality. A fruit so simple, yet so curiously luxurious.

"held pomegranate" by Yorkshire-based print maker Izzie Williamson