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Our Offering

At La-Eva, we create soulful cosmetic and lifestyle products inspired by the idea of synaesthesia (from the ancient Greek syn–‘together’ and aisthesis–‘sensation’). Thoughtfully blended from all-natural and organic ingredients. Presented in artful, sustainable packaging. Units of wellbeing for sensorial rituals of self- care, created to ground, connect and transform. To treat body and mind as one.

La-Eva In The Press

" If wellbeing came in a bottle what would it look like? Probably a lot like La-Eva...."


“Think unusual yet beguiling scents that don’t smell like anything else on
your shelves. Fragrance remains at the heart of each creation”


“La-Eva is the new natural skincare name to know”


La-Eva in Hospitality

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In hospitality we work with settings that celebrate natural beauty, foster a slower pace and deliver the purest of produce to their guests. Our units of wellbeing play a potent supporting role in the curation of restorative experiences. Their artful aesthetic, the luxurious ingredients that we use to create them, and the fragrant scentscapes that they effuse, softly sew together special moments in time and memories in the making.

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La-Eva Treatments : The Art of The Senses

/ launching at legendary Claridge’s in London /

"La-Eva is the epitome of a sustainable British wellness brand and we are delighted to have them as a partner in Claridge’s Spa. Their sensorial products and one of a kind healing rituals offer our guests something completely unique to their wellness journey’

Hattie David-Wilkinson, Director of Spa, Claridges

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Alternative Perspectives : Our Special Edition Ranges