Our Scents

Fragrance plays a central role in our products and philosophy. Our scents have become one of the key defining features of the La-Eva experience. Our scent blends have come together as incarnations of memories and sentiments. Notes harnessed, recomposed and bottled, offering a scent scape to everyday self care rituals.  

 "It is the arresting, unusual scents that make LA-EVA stand out" - FT - HOW TO SPEND IT

creative Process

Creatively, we continue to build upon our artisan roots and the early days when traditional soap-making provided a unique medium for exploring complex palettes of scent and the potential of natural raw ingredients. We use perfumery principles in working on our blends at our studio, seeking to create evocative, rich fragrances whilst tapping into the therapeutic properties of each individual element that we use.

We work with all-natural ingredients. Like a musical chord, a perfume chord consists of notes, or essences, mixed together, their individual identities subsumed in a harmonious new whole. We construct fragrance blends from the ground up, like a pyramid, beginning with the strong base note and building the rest of the scent upon it, layer by layer.