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Our Scents


Fragrance plays a central role in our products and philosophy. Creatively, we continue to build upon our artisan roots and the early days when traditional soap-making provided a unique medium for exploring complex palettes of scent and the potential of natural raw ingredients. We use perfumery principles in working on our blends at our studio, seeking to create evocative, rich fragrances whilst tapping into the therapeutic properties of each individual element that we use. Our scents have become one of the key defining features of the LA-EVA experience. Our scent blends have come together as incarnations of memories and sentiments. Notes harnessed, recomposed and bottled, offering a scent scape to everyday self care rituals.  



The sense of freedom and earthly belonging. A remote mediterranean island baking in the sun. Backdrop of the sky and the sea. Hot sand underfoot. Fire pits in the evening hours and the blond hue of dried herbs in the air.

In the bottle, woody, smoky vetiver fuses with the bright aroma of chamomile blue and lavender. A scent that soothes and grounds, offering peace and clarity.

Available in wash and lotion for face, hands and body.




Late autumn. Looking out from a window high above, nestled within turrets and minarets. Dusky crimson palette and birds swirling in the air. Cardamom coffees and apple teas. Orange blossom syrup and romance.

In the bottle, the gentle hue of rose geranium and citrus notes of petitgrain, fuses with warm clove. A transporting, regenerating scent that strokes and awakens the senses.

Available in wash and lotion for face, hands and body.




The imagined state. Lazy starts and slow motion. Draped white linen all around and a gentle breeze. Cinema screens projecting hazy images under the stars. Flowers and herbs exhaling their heady aromas into the night.

In the bottle, ethereal jasmine binds with the green hue of thyme and warming black pepper. A luxurious, elevating blend offering purity and gentle allure.

Available in oil for face, hands and body.




Life immersed, enhanced. Pots and pans. Kitchen tables. Market stalls. Elements stacked, thrown together, lined up, each worthy of attention in its own right. The exotic and the every day. Warmth and fulfilment.

 In the bottle, vitalising ginger blends with amber tones of patchouli and the warming aroma of cinnamon leaf. An enchanting scent that energises and stimulates the senses.

 Available in shampoo and conditioner.