we live life through our senses

La-Eva is grounded in a holistic philosophy and infused with a spirit of joie de vivre. We believe that simplicity is one of the greatest luxuries of our times. We celebrate the pure, precious offerings of our natural world. We are fascinated by the interplay of our senses and their synergy. We look to the arts in expressing beauty and meaning. We know that everyday rituals of selfcare are important for the health of our bodies and minds alike. We think of things that are good for us as units of wellbeing.

We aspire to being bon vivants. To living well, to the full, through our senses. Our wish is to contribute compassionately to a beautiful world. To create products and experiences that add harmony and delight. To nurture health and kàllos, as captured in the texts of the philosophers, the combination of the virtues of physical appearance and the virtues of the soul. To be part of a positive impact movement that unites and makes thoughtful, out-of-the-box choices.