We work synergistically with settings that celebrate natural beauty, foster a slower pace and deliver the purest of produce to their guests.

Organic. Vegan. Ocean friendly. Refillable.

Fragrant units of wellbeing, to treat the senses and gently elevate the impact of experiences.

hotel amenities



We provide artful, evocative amenities in hotel guest rooms and bathrooms, common area washrooms and spas.

product range

· washes

· lotions

· bath salts

· haircare

· bulk refills

· essential oil blends for room fragrance  

· bespoke premium bottle holders

· presentation choices - aluminium bottles

· bespoke guest gifting

restaurant amenities



In restaurants, wine bars and cafés, our refined ingredients and natural, evocative fragrances compliment beautiful culinary offerings.

· washes

· lotions

· bulk refills & bespoke premium bottle holders

We welcome bespoke partnerships where there is sufficent scale.


Petersham Nurseries

To step into Petersham Nurseries is to experience something unique. An internationally renowned setting, passionately dedicated to
ethical, sustainable living, that excites the senses.

Bespoke artwork graces our amber glass apothecary bottles in a special, limited edition of products for the washrooms and retail offer. Inviting guests to capture fragrant moments in time and memories created at Petersham during their everyday rituals of self-care.

Our La-Eva x Petersham Nurseries products can be discovered in the restrooms at the Petersham Nurseries Café Richmond as well as The Petersham and La Goccia restaurants in Covent Garden.

La-Eva x Petersham Nurseries Range


vineyards & wine bars

We have a natural affinity with vineyards and enjoy suppying spaces where good wine and a joie de vivre are on tap.

“The senses play a significant role in what we’re about at Morgado do Quintão—being in nature and working alongside it to create our wines, our relationship is synergistic, deep and profound.

La-Eva takes it a step further in the experience of our guests, providing them a deeper sense of connection to our place through their sensorial cosmetics and wellness products."

Filipe Caldas de Vasconcellos · Owner

Morgado do Quintão

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