La-Eva Fragrances

Fragrance lies at the heart of our products and we are touched by the connection between the olfactory system and our emotions. We see scent as a simple gateway to beautiful feelings and associations in every day rituals of self-care. Creatively, we use perfumery principles in working on our blends at our studio. Notes harnessed, recomposed and bottled.


blue chamomile, lavender & vetiver

Grounding - Soothing - Offers Peace and Clarity

The sense of freedom and earthly belonging. An island baking in the sun. Sea and sky merging. Fire pits in the evening hours and the blond hue of dried herbs in the air.

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rose geranium, petitgrain & clove

Uplifting - Regenerating - Awakens the Senses

Late autumn, looking out from a window high above. Dusky crimson palette and birds swirling in the air. Orange blossom syrup and romance.

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jasmine, thyme & black pepper

Luxurious - Sensual - Transporting

The imagined state. Lazy starts and slowmotion. Draped white linen and a gentle breeze. Flowers and herbs exhaling their heady aromas into the night.

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ginger, cinnamon & patchouli 

Warming - Stimulating - Holistically vitalising 

The spice of life. Layered experiences. The exotic and the everyday. Warmth and fulfilment.

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