Press Play.

Inhale. Exhale.

Sensory Immersion is an aural invitation to a slower pace. It is an ambient lullaby of a score, that explores space, breath and the cross-over between our senses. Gently, unassumingly, over 90 minutes it takes us on a journey that grounds, uplifts and transports body and mind alike.


Originally composed to be played during La-Eva massages, the intention behind Sensory Immersion was to create a soundscape portal to a deep state of relaxation, inspired by the idea of synaesthesia, the harmony of the senses. Over several weeks and studio sessions, what came to life is in keeping with a growing body of work that is out there exploring new ways for art, music and consciousness to interact. Sensory Immersion gently offers sonic colours, textures and forms without demanding attention; it is simply an invitation to take the slow lane for a short while.

The continuous 90 minutes of soft rolling notes draw on what we know about how our brains and nervous systems function during sedative states. At a physiological level, music with a slow tempo and low-end frequencies decrease our respiration rate, heart rate and blood pressure, likely due to the link between the ears, vagus nerve and parasympathetic nervous system.  At an emotional level, Sensory Immersion whispers a soothing story in a fashion that allows our own imagination to fill in the blanks. The merging of classical instruments played by human hands with ambient soundbites and rhythms, creates a unique sound pallette and sensation of traversing terrains between earthliness and otherwordliness.

Sensory Immersion is one of several tracks written and recorded in collaboration with composer Marc Canham and features collaborations with cellist Barney Morse-Brown and modular artist Aneek Thapar. All three artists sit 'left of field', working in the independent film, art and music industries.

There are three sections to Sensory Immersion and each is designed to subtly lead to the next. The opening tones are deep and grounding. For those who know our fragrances, this phase is inspired by the scent and sentiment our earthy, calming Blū - a herbaceous fragrance blend of blue chamomile, smoky vetiver and soothing lavender. Softly, slowly, the more lyrical sounds of Rosēum evolve, and with them an uplifting feeling that aurally captures rosey tones of geranium and the gentle citrus vibrancy of petitgrain. And finally, a transporting finale inspired by Jasmīna, luxurious lightness, sweet heady jasmine flowers and other worldly textures coming in to play.

We invite you to press play.

To lie back, close your eyes, and listen.

To inhale and to exhale.

To allow your mind to wander.

To rest.