Rosēum Conditioner 5L refill

Rosēum Conditioner 5L refill

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5L refill of our Rosēum Conditioner

Our new organic conditioner, that leaves hair replenished, tangle-free, soft and shiny. made from a blend of naturally active ingredients with wonderful haircare properties including organic shea and cocoa seed butters, oat kernel oil and aloe. Blended with our fragrant, stimulating blend of Rosēum essential oils.

Suitable for all hair types. Respects coloured hair and can be used daily.

Free from parabens, phtalates, SLS and SLES.


/rosēum/ essential oils - rose geranium, petitgrain & clove

fragrance notes - rosy, citrus

heartful - uplifting - awakens the senses


Refill Information 

Refill your La-Eva bottles at home and enjoy the gentle scents and cleansing rituals time and time again whilst supporting sustainable values that help our planet. The LCA Centre has suggested that refilling a bottle instead of using a completely new product saves a minimum of 70% on CO2, 65% on energy and 45% on water.

 A 5 litre La-Eva wash refill is the equivalent of 10 x 500ml bottles and 25 x 200ml bottles. 

 Our 5Ltr containers are made from light HDPE. HDPE is the most largely recycled plastic in the UK and in most countries in the world, so please make sure you put your empty, rinsed out jerry can in your recycling bin for it to be recycled and reused.

 Your container will come with a pump, wrapped in a biodegradable plastic bag. Please be aware that after refilling your bottles, a small amount of product may drip from the pump. We suggest that you place a little dish or any other small container under the pump to collect any product.

Of The Earth. Evocative. Universal.

We work with purely natural and organic, vegan and ocean-friendly ingredients, sourced directly where possible. Fragrant oils, salts and active elements, carefully chosen for their therapeutic properties and impact.

We believe in nurturing kállos, the combined virtues of physical appearance and soul. We collaborate with artists who lend their essence and unique aesthetic to our amber glass bottles, bringing beauty with depth and meaning to everyday self- care.

We believe that simplicity is one of the greatest luxuries of our time. We embrace a holistic, unifying outlook and as such our range is designed for multi-purpose use. Our products are made for people of all ages, genders and cultures.