"...above all we recommend the body treatments designed by English brand La-Eva.

The brand’s treatments are some of the most indulgent you can find in the city."


La-Eva Treatments

Inspired by the concept of synaesthesia, our launching range of experiences embody the La-Eva philosophy. Our treatments are sensorial journeys that bring together the best of classic bodywork techniques with artful layers of fragrance and bespoke composed music. 

Soulfully created to ground, connect and transport. To treat body and mind as one.

Deep Release Massage

A holistically invigorating treatment with rocking, body movement and manipulation throughout to release tension and unlock body and mind alike. This deep tissue massage features our warming Spīce essential oil and ends with a transporting face and head massage using our luxurious organic Jasmīna Oil-Serum.

A 60- or 90-minute, medium to firm pressure body massage.

Sensory Immersion Massage

An evocative full body and head massage inspired by the concept of synaesthesia. Typically medium pressure, the massage begins at the roots of the body and flows upwards. Touch, fragrance and sound come together in an artful holistic treatment that features an evolving set of aroma inhalations and the optional use of hot stones.

A 60- or 90-minute body massage, typically medium pressure.


A deeply restful targeted massage focusing on the back, head and face featuring slow, soothing bodywork and holding techniques. Designed to calm and regulate the nervous system and drawing on the anxiolytic properties of the La-Eva Blū blend including clarifying blue chamomile, lavender and vetiver essential oils. Promotes sleep and a deep state of physical and mental relaxation.

A 60- minute body massage, typically medium pressure.


A luxurious hydrating three-stage treatment inspired by the pure splendour of jasmine and offering head to toe glow. Begins with a fragrant full body exfoliation using fine sel-de-Guerande enriched salt that stimulates the circulatory system, followed by flowing massage and full body Jasmīna Oil-Serum application. Wrapping the body in a soft bamboo sheet locks in the deeply nourishing properties of the organic oils used, whilst a transporting neck, face and head massage focusing on pressure points is performed. Leaves skin and mind softly radiant.

A 90 -120 minute body massage, typically medium pressure.

La-Eva Body Scrub

A restorative, cleansing full-body exfoliation using La-Eva Rosēum or Jasmīna Exfoliant and Bath Salts.

Delivered as a 30-minute stand-alone treatment or as an add-on to 60- or 90-minute La-Eva massages.

Tailor Made - Elemental Massage

A personalised approach to tailor treatments to guests' needs and desires. Therapists are trained to adapt the treatment using an elemental approach, which keeps to the core framework of La-Eva treatments but invites guests to choose focus areas, pressure intensity and the fragrances that they connect with the most on the day.

Delivered as a 30-minute, 60-minute or 90-minute La-Eva Elemental treatment.

Beyond the Treatments

Amenities - Our product range can be offered in the treatment room showers, spa wet and dry areas and restrooms, allowing for an elegant continuity of scent and product range across all touch points.

Retail & Treatment Sales Incentives - As part of our ongoing support to spas, we offer strategies and help with incentives that maximise the spa retail and treatment revenues.

Operational Support - We place emphasis on the smooth delivery of all aspects of La-Eva and are able to support spa teams operationally, offering flexible front and back-of-house solutions.

Training onsite - The La-Eva treatment training has been developed as an immersive, educational experience spanning 3 to 4 days, depending on the size of the spa and team. Our trainers are very experienced therapists and emphasis is placed on the thoughtful delivery of our protocols with attention to detail and attunement to the individual needs of each guest. Following the initial training we continue to support spa teams closely. We are able to provide ongoing refresher training and flexible input designed to meet the individual needs of a team and property.