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LA-EVA x Petersham Nurseries



To step into Petersham Nurseries is to experience something unique; a destination like no other, that stretches the boundaries of what can be created, sourced and served. A setting that excites the senses and provokes thought. A place of inspiration, created by one family, passionately dedicated to ethical, sustainable living.

We have  come together to create a limited edition range of LA-EVA products featuring a unique visual aesthetic that captures and celebrates the essence of the inspirational Petersham setting.

Bespoke artwork now graces rectangular recycled glass apothecary bottles; impressionistic images of leaves and flowers from the Petersham gardens in Richmond. The artwork conveys mindful moments in time immersed in nature and expressing rich, evocative scents such as uplifting rose geranium, earthy vetiver and sweet, narcotic jasmine.

You can shop our limited edition range at the Petersham Nurseries Stores in Richmond and Covent Garden. You can also discover us in the restrooms at the Petersham Nurseries Café, The Petersham and La Goccia.