Of The Earth. Evocative. Universal.

Simple, precious offerings

Of The Earth

We celebrate the simple, precious offerings of our natural world. We believe that environmental responsibility and human thoughtfulness are essential in the creation of something truly beautiful.

Natural and organic ingredients, selected with thought and purpose

We choose our ingredients thoughtfully and purposefully. Where possible we buy directly from growers and are continuously looking for new partnerships with farms and suppliers of ingredients. The La-Eva capsule range is ocean friendly, vegan, and of course not tested on animals. Almost all the base oils that we use are certified organic and we use as high a percentage of organic content as possible. Our fragrances are created using beautiful, pure essential oils. Like all produce ‘of the earth’,the aroma and colour of essential oils vary depending on the location, the soil and the weather conditions that affected the plants of that crop and as such, the fragrance of our products can vary slightly between batches. We also use the most natural preservatives available for the safety of our customers.  

Glass, Aluminium & Refills

Our products come presented in partly recycled amber glass apothecary bottles and we refrain from using outer packaging where possible. We deeply believe in circular patterns of reusing and refilling, over and above recycling. Every year, 120 billion units of packaging are produced by the global cosmetics industry (Zero Waste, 2019), establishing it as one of the worst perpetrators of marine plastic pollution. The LCA Centre has suggested that refilling a bottle instead of using a completely new product saves a minimum of 70% on CO2, 65% on energy and 45% on water.

Our 5Ltr refill containers which we provide to our hospitality partners are made from light HDPE. HDPE is the most largely recycled plastic in the UK and in most countries in the world, so the empty, rinsed jerry cans can be put in the usual recycling bin when finished.  

External Packaging & Wool pouches

We use as little external packaging as we possibly can, without compromising the safe, beautiful delivering safely our products.

We have recently partnered with an innovative start up to find a sustainable, plastic-free packaging solution to protect our glass bottles in transit. We now use wool pouches which are made from leftover wool from farmers and shearers, which would normally be buried or burnt. Compostable and biodegradable, our wool pouches are as aesthetically pleasing as they are ethically sound, with 50% of the production running off the manufacturing area’s renewable energy grid. We encourage our customers to reuse these as many times as possible for transporting La-Eva products or other glass bottles.

Lokta Paper

All the paper that we use is FSC certified and our A/W22 gifting range is made from lokta paper, an indigenous plant that grows in the Himalayas in Nepal. Lokta is an ecological wonder as it regenerates naturally, reaching maturity within 4 to 5 years after the first cutting, which makes the plant a great raw material source with a continuous, fully-sustainable supply.

La-Eva x Thread Tales : The Mindful Art of Textiles

We have developed our first textile offering in collaboration with the beautiful ethical luxury brand Thread Tales, setting our intentions to work with luxurious indigenous materials. Carefully chosen for their beautiful, tactile and textural properties, our new textile products are mindfully balanced with the environmental impact of the material.

Through our work with Thread Tales, we have started to build direct relationships with artisans and collaborate with workshops in Nepal and India that create sustainable jobs based on a vocation and skill, in which the workers are valued, have good working conditions, are paid well, and are recognised for their work.

Products with Harmony & Feeling


We are inspired by the idea of synaesthesia (from the ancient greek σùν, syn – ‘together’ and αіσθησις, aisthesis – ‘sensation’), bringing together ingredients, properties, textures and scents to create products with harmony and feeling.

Fragrance : Scent-Scapes for Everyday Rituals

Fragrance lies at the heart of our products and we are touched by the connection between the olfactory system and our emotions. We see scent as a simple gateway to beautiful feelings and associations in every day rituals of self-care. Creatively, we use perfumery principles in working on our blends at our studio, seeking to create evocative, rich fragrances whilst tapping into the therapeutic properties of each individual element that we use. Our scents have become one of the key defining features of the La-Eva experience, coming together as incarnations of memories and sentiments. Notes harnessed, recomposed and bottled, offering a scent scape to everyday rituals.

Art In the Everyday

We look to the arts for inspiration on beauty with depth and meaning. We collaborate with artists and makers locally and internationally who lend their essence, ethos and aesthetic to our units of wellbeing, bringing to life the idea that beauty and can be found in everyday objects of use and simple moments of self care.

Our Artist Collaborations



We believe that simplicity is one of the greatest luxuries of our time. We embrace a holistic, unifying outlook in all we do.

One Skin

We endorse a less-is-more outlook that filters into our products. We view the skin of our face, hands and bodies as one organ, creating a gentle range for multipurpose, universal use. In practice this means that we develop our products first and foremost for the sensitive skin of the face, and then invite our customers to use them as they wish and prefer.

Our products are made for people of all ages, genders and cultures.