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we live life through our senses   


We are inspired by the idea of synaesthesia (from the ancient greek σùν, syn – ‘together’ and αіσθησις, aisthesis – ‘sensation’), bringing together ingredients, properties, textures and scents to create products with harmony and purpose. We look to the arts for inspiration on beauty.

We believe that simplicity is a luxury and endorse a less-is-more outlook that filters into our products. We view the skin of our face, hands and bodies as one organ, creating a gentle range for multipurpose, universal use. 

We see ethical integrity as an essential ingredient in the creation of wellbeing products and strive to meet the highest of ethical standards without compromising on function.

And, we love scent. We are inspired by the connection between the olfactory system and our emotions. We see scent as a simple gateway to beautiful feelings and associations in every day rituals of self-care . 


L A E V A / /

latin adj. (f) meaning

left of centre

[ E V A ] /e:va /

female name meaning

living one
full of life