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Spa & Treatments

Launching in Spring 2022, our treatments bring together potent layers of fragrance, massage and bespoke composed music to soothe, nurture and transform. Holistically therapeutic and inspired by our philosophy, each La-Eva treatment is a sensorial journey that brings together the best of classic bodywork techniques within a thoughtful, artful, transporting experience.

The La-Eva spa and treatment offering unfolds with three first signature treatments.



An individual sensory journey that grounds, uplifts and transports within an evolving scent scape of Blū, Rosēum and Jasmīna fragrances. A 60 or 90 minute body massage, typically medium pressure that begins at the roots of the body and flows upwards in an energising, yet soothing experience for the senses, the body and the soul.



A holistically invigorating treatment with rocking, body movement and manipulation features throughout to release tension and unlock body and mind alike. Using the warming Spīce essential oil blend, and ending with a transporting head massage that features the luxurious, organic La-Eva Jasmīna oil. A 60 or 90 minute, typically medium to firm pressure body massage.



A restorative, cleansing full body exfoliation using La-Eva Rosēum exfoliant & bath salts which draw on the therapeutic properties of organic essential oils, rose Himalayan salt and mineral-rich fleur de sel. Delivered as a 30 minute stand-alone treatment or as an add on to 60 or 90 minute La-Eva massages.


We will be sharing more about our treatments and professional products soon. To express an interest in delivering La-Eva treatments within a spa setting please email us on