Let's Talk Sustainability

This week La-Eva founder Louisa Canham joined an online panel discussion hosted by the Sustainability Lifestyle Awards in collaboration with Anthropologie.  Let's Talk Sustainability was led by Rachel Fortune of the SLAs, which are the first awards to verify and celebrate brands that hold style and substance in equal measure. The SLAs put the spotlight on conscientious creators driving positive change within their industries through their dedication to making beautiful lifestyle products with positive social and environmental impacts.

On Tuesday Louisa joined Rachel, Gill McCulloch from Anthropologie, Hannah Beaumont of Beaumont Organic and Louise Jackson of The Jacksons, in talking about their personal and brand perspectives on sustainability, and reflecting on what the journey towards a more sustainable way of living ultimately requires.

Here, a few insights into our thoughts and conversation.


Hannah Beaumont, Founder of Beaumont Organic 


  • What does sustainability mean to you? 

It means being conscious and thoughtful in everything you do to ensure you are making decisions that will not be detrimental to the world we live in.

  • What are your future plans for traceability in your supply chain? How do you select your fabric and fibre that is used within the production process? 

Our future vision is 100% transparency for our customers so they can see online the full product cycle with ease. At the moment we buy GOTS certified fabric to ensure clear visibility of the supply chain.

  • The Future of Consumption after COVID-19: How does this landscape look for you? Do you think as consumers we will be more mindful of our purchases/needs/wants or will we want to ‘let loose’ to make up for the recent restrictions?

Yes, we have already seen changes in the past month and I believe this will continue. We have been given the gift of time during COVID to research more and make more conscious decisions on what we purchase and I see this continuing.