Au Château: La-Eva x Auberge's Domaine Des Etangs

A place to find balance through art, nature, and the time-honoured traditions of French country living, Auberge’s newest European escape is a magnificent stone château set on 2,500 forested acres. Built more than 700 years ago by the knights of Chasteignier de la Roche-Posay, this storybook castle is an idyllic retreat steeped in serenity and devoted to l’art de vivre past and present.

We are delighted to share our latest collaboration with Auberge’s Domaine Des Etangs. It has been an honour for La-Eva to co-craft professional products and signature treatments for the property’s spa, Le Moulin.

Inspired by the rhythms of the earth, the treatments are designed to nurture the spirit through simplicity and in keeping with the change of the seasons. Nature-inspired bodywork incorporating aromatic botanicals and the sun's cycles now take guests on a sensorial journey that moves with the seasons. Made from the purest natural and organic ingredients, La-Eva products offer their therapeutic properties and effuse an ethereal seasonal scent scape.

For the season ahead, Le Moulin is immersed in the sweet fragrance of our Jasmīna fragrance, celebrating the timeless beauty of jasmine and capturing the essence of the calm, warm long days of summer. In the rooms, guests are also treated to fragrant baths with La-Eva salts presented in bespoke porcelain seeds co-crafted with ceramicist Silva Sancho.

Le Moulin's three new signature treatments are:

SOIN SIGNATURE BOTANIQUE / The Signature Botanist - An energising scrub using La-Eva Jasmīna Exfoliant Salts, followed by a full body white clay mask to cool the body's temperature before a rhythmic massage relaxes. 
EVEIL MATINAL / Morning Revival - designed to compliment our body's needs in the morning, this treatment begins with exfoliation to stimulate the circulatory system and is followed by a massage that incorporates gentle stretching and tension releasing techniques to prepare the body and mind for the day. 
SOIN DETENTE / Wind Down Remedy - designed to be experienced in the afternoon, this treatment starts with an exfoliation to harness the body's energy, before moving to a long and rhythmic massage that brings stillness to transition the body for the evening. 



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