Thread Tales Tihar Celebration - Open Studio Photojournal

Colours. Petals. Candle Light. New and old friends sharing the pleasure of an intimate gathering.

Flowers blossoming on the floor.

Last Saturday, a handful of guests joined us to celebrate Tihar, the Tibetan Festival of Lights. Inspired by the Nepalese inheritance woven into the precious pieces showcased by our friends from Thread Tales, this celebration was a precious opportunity to pause and enjoy the sublime pleasure that simple gestures bring into our lives. A sip of aromatic Oolong tea. Exploring new geographies through the taste of home-made treats. Letting our senses guide us as we run our fingers along embroidered fabric or dive into the fragrant depths of spiced oils.

As daylight grew dimmer outside, the dancing glow of sparsely placed candles intensified the magical atmosphere in our studio.

People came, went, stayed. Marigold petals and coloured powdered rice were sprinkled into intuitive shapes by our guests, forming Rangoli circles that grew wider and wider, like flowers, on the floor of our studio as each person added their layer of personal touch. 


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