The Held Pomegranate - Studio Photojournal


Our latest studio installation came together during late Autumn, inspired by our maker's mark, a held pomegranate, which came to life over the summer of 2019 in creative collaboration with British print maker Izzy Williamson.

Pomegranates have been laden with symbolism across cultures and centuries, their ripe crimson seeds historically representing abundance, spirituality and sensuality. A fruit so simple yet so curiously luxurious - somehow it seemed the perfect visual summary of what we stand for. In our studio space, warm, dusky pink hues found their ways on to the walls. Hops and a herbal chandelier hanging from the ceiling, filling the air with a sense of natural opulence. Twinkly lights and festive spirit. Evening candlelit gatherings and togetherness. Just what we need to make it though the winter months.



Botanical wheel hanging from the ceiling - Joolz Abbs-Wood 

Pomegranate vintage hand embroidered sozani - Louisa Maybury


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