Pomegranates and Lotus Flowers

La-Eva x Thread Tales Lotus Silk Sleep-Mask - Ivory
La-Eva x Thread Tales Lotus Silk Set - Ivory


What makes a thing of beauty? What makes a thing of meaning?

Having crossed paths several years ago and followed each others trajectories ever since, we have finally come together with ethical luxury brand Thread Tales to realise a collaborative wellbeing project infused with symbolism: a bespoke Lotus Silk sleep-mask and pouch set. An ode to self-care. To slow, intentional living. A reminder for stillness.

The set is crafted in Lotus Silk, a vegan, zero-waste alternative to traditional silk, responsibly derived from the Lotus Flower. Lotus Silk was a serendipitous discovery for Katherine, the founder of Thread Tales, who first encountered this material when her midwife mother returned from one of her charity travels bringing back a cut of this cloth. Charmed by its raw beauty, its ancestral roots, and its textured hand-feel, Katherine elected Lotus Silk as the signature fibre of her brand. Largely produced entirely by hand on the shores of the Inle Lake, in Myanmar, without any electricity or waste, following a centuries-old process, Lotus Silk is “one of the most sustainable textiles in existence”, she explains, and is believed to carry in its fibre revitalising and wellbeing-enhancing properties.

Good beyond Wellbeing
The realisation of this luxurious set has been made possible by the seamstresses of the Women Fibre To Fashion's team, a Delhi-based humanitarian institution who supports and upskills victims of human trafficking. 

Embroidered mindfulness
On each side of the pouch, an intricate embroidery sits gracefully.
The Lotus flower, delicate and yet strong, reminiscent of our innate ability to regenerate. On the other side, the La-Eva held pomegranate, originally designed for us by Yorkshire based print-artist Izzy Williamson. A ‘maker’s mark’ laden with symbolism across cultures and centuries: the simple pomegranate, its ripe crimson seeds representing abundance, spirituality and sensuality.

Symbols softly woven in to the yarn of this simple, precious accessory for stillness, rest and daily rituals of self-care. 

La-Eva x Thread Tales Lotus Silk Set - Olive Green

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