Scent scapes at the opera

Recent times found us opening a new chapter in our quest to explore the synergy of sensory pathways and beauty. LA-EVA had the honour of being involved in creating a scent scape for the latest stunning Bury Court Opera Production Aurora

Based on an Italian folk story set in the Dolomite mountains, Aurora is a tale of self-knowledge, spiritual awakening, sacrifice and love. Inspired and fascinated, we found ourselves immersed in a beautiful world of kings and princesses, wise women, nymphs and white witches, preoccupied with the art of using scent to intensify emotion and create threads of associations for the audience.

Jasmine, ylang ylang and black pepper to express opulence, complexity and melodrama. Blue chamomile, cedar wood and vetiver root - grounding, cleansing olfactory symbols of mother nature, hope and resolution.

Art, sensory pathways and organic beauty, as one.


Aurora is written by Elisabetta Campetti, composed by Noah Mosley and directed by Aylin Bozok.

Official production images by Robert Workman for Bury Court Oper

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