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Our latest installation has come together inspired by the idea of Immersion, meaning : 1. to plunge into {a liquid}, to bathe    2. To involve deeply, to absorb 

In our studio installation, the presence of a bath (this beautiful Verdigris one by William Holland) was perhaps inevitable. In the words of Suzanne Duckett  ‘we use bath time to do more than clean our bodies; we use it to immerse in the here and now, allowing the wonder of water to wash away our troubles. We instinctively understand the healing and restorative powers of the bath. Baths take us back to a different mindset and age; slower, more contemplative and methodical, they are a positively analogue way of cleansing and relaxing’ (Bathe, 2018) .



The floor, a visual echo of our dark amber glass bottles, grounding the ideas and space. Brown. A colour which we don’t often show our gratitude to, yet one that in art goes back to the earliest visual expressions of humankind, with cattle, deer, lions and hand prints found on the walls of prehistoric caves having been lent their warm browns and maroons by earth pigments (The Secret Lives of Colour, 2018). The colour of rich soil and healthy earth, brown is not found in a rainbow or on a simple colour wheel; making it requires mixing together the three artists’ primaries - red, yellow and blue. In as such, a colour that also expresses the richness of the ‘as one’ idea which permeates La-Eva.



The art, a solo exhibition by interdisciplinary art activist Nathalie Moisy. Nathalie’s works come as a contemporary fusion of Western and Japanese aesthetic principles, and are layered with meaning, metaphors and visual cues. The series on display, Is the Sea Really Blue, could not resonate more deeply. An excerpt from Nathalie’s artist statement: 

“Is the Sea Really Blue is inspired by oceans, this vital element of our planet’s ecosystem. Oceans look blue, as light is scattered and reflected back by water molecules that absorb the longer wave lengths of reds, oranges and yellows. Blue, classified as a cool colour, has a calming effect on the psyche and is said to symbolise loyalty, wisdom and trust. With clean water becoming a scarce and golden commodity, ocean pollution is a core sustainability issue and raising awareness of the impact of human activity on our waters is imperative”. 

The numbers relating to the environmental impact of the world of beauty, which we nowadays belong to, are simply staggering: 120 billion units of packaging are produced every year by the global cosmetics industry (Soil Association, 2019). Whilst, by sheer existence, we are part of this industry and therefore problem, we are committed to the wave of change that is called for more loudly than ever before.

As ever, the presence of the ethereal hand of neighbour, friend and resident artist Rose-Marie Caldecott was essential. This time ‘Blenheim Boathouse’ adorns a brick wall, a painting we have long fallen in love with. “For me this painting really speaks about the mystery at the heart of life, how there may be brief moments of clarity and definition, but for the most part we must live amidst a landscape that is partially obscured from sight and understanding. We must act based on trust, that things will make sense eventually, and we must learn to embrace the beauty in transience. Could we ever truly appreciate a static and unchanging landscape? There is a great reward to be had in humbling oneself to the uncertainties of weather - the particular joy found in those sudden, startling moments when the clouds pass’ (Artist statement).

Finally, shades and textures from Louisa Maybury, whose unique wares have constant presence in the La-Eva studio. This time, dark sabra silks made from cactus fibres, their beautiful drape and soft feel decorated with motifs symbolic of the natural world. Old saddle and utensil donkey bags from Balochistan. Indigo block printed cushions made from old recycled skirts.

Our sound bite for this installation? 

Less waste. More thoughtfulness. Art. Sustainability. Organic beauty. Units of Well-being. As one.

All elements of the installation are for sale. If you would like to find out more about the art or wears on display please email us on


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